designs by maejic is a design studio that is all about the homeowner and ….. “making cabinets work for you and your unique space”, says Maeghi.

We offer a triangle of services:

1. Consultation and design (design package includes a floor plan, elevations, perspectives, summary and scope of work)
2. Provide estimates for cabinets, counter tops, accessories and hardware choices
3. Site management – including measures, cabinets, delivery and installation

We believe that “a cabinet is a cabinet, it doesn’t fall off the wall, it’s who stands beside you through it all”.

designs by maejic is here to present a concept and follow through to the completion of your Maejical space.

DesignsByMajic-MaeghiMaeghi started in Kitchenland in 1989, quite by accident.  As a young girl she wanted to write novels. She penned three volumes and was working on a 4th when the door of creative opportunity opened into the world of kitchens.  Maeghi soon realized that a kitchen design likened itself to a novel; the beginning starts with an idea, the middle brings the idea to life and finally the finished product; lasting memory and continued usage.

My mission is to make the memory and experience positive, bringing your ideas combined with my experience, to your home

She starts with a “Maejical Triangle” she developed, and practices, with the “form follows function” theory.

She looks forward to turning your vision into reality.

#102-440 Whistler St
Duncan, BC Vancouver Island
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