Design Checklist

When you have made that decision that you want a new or remodelled kitchen or bath, now there are many other things to consider. Here is a bit of a checklist FAQ to help you along.

How long have you lived in your residence?
This is a simple question but it helps to figure out if your desires are for something that you are selling or if the work if for your needs, long-term. Things like when was the house built, how old is the current kitchen give us information on the style that may work well with your house or what added functionality you might need to update. Also, electrical or structural considerations may depend on the age of your house, too.

The Budget – what have you planned for?
A complete redesign or renovation can be costly. Depending on your budget, we can show you various options that will work that are both affordable and beautiful, and most importantly, within your budget

What don’t you like about your current kitchen or bath?
Think about this carefully- what things about your kitchen aren’t a pleasure to use? What about work flow, even things like size of your sink or location of your fridge or stove.

What do you like about your present kitchen or bath?
Those points are important too. Think about how your kitchen really works for you – do you like the layout, placement of appliances, things like this that makes your kitchen functional in how you work.

How you use your Kitchen
  • Consider how many household members there are – including pets
  • who is the primary cook and are they right or left handed?How tall are they, and do they have any physical limitations?
  • How many other household members cook? Is a specialized centre needed for the secondary cook?
  • How does your family use the kitchen?  Daily full-course meals or weekend family meals or something else?
  • Is your kitchen a socializing place? Do you entertain frequently?
  • Do you do any specialty cooking like gourmet, ethnic, or canning, for example?
Secondary Activities
What else happens in the kitchen? Computer use, laundry, planning, hobbies, sewing, study area, something else?
Where do you store these things: baking equipment, spices, linens, left-over containers, non-refrigerated fruits and vegetables, recycling, service trays, pots, paper products ?

What type of specialized storage is desired?

What type of small appliances do you use?
Consider things like blender, microwave, food processor, toaster ovens, crock pot and others.

Style and Feel
This is about what type of feeling you want your kitchen to reflect – sleek and contemporary, warm and cozy, formal, traditional, strictly functional, or family retreat for example.

What kinds of colours do you like- bold, muted, earthy or colourful? Have you some preferences for your kitchen? What are the preferences of other family members?

Design Ideas
Have you collected some ideas that have struck a cord with you- that might reflect what you love?
Hire a Designer
Benefits of hiring a designer