Why Hire a Designer?

  1. You can’t communicate your vision effectively to others:
    Shopping for kitchen furnishings is a time-consuming exercise, but it can be done.  What can be trickier is describing to retailers the products or overall look you desire.    A kitchen designer is a design expert and can help equip their clients with the right communication tools.  The other option is to relax and let your design expert present you with number of options that are suited to your needs.
  2. A challenging space has you stumped:
    Do you have too many doorways?  Not enough storage?  No windows?  Angled walls or ceilings?  If you’re scratching your head over these complex design issues, it may be time to call in a kitchen design expert.
  3. Your head is spinning from too many product choices:
    When this happens, people have a tendency to either table the project indefinitely or make costly mistakes.  Why not seek some expert guidance from a kitchen designer?
  4. Temptation is tugging at your purse strings:
    If you’ve ever stepped into a kitchen showroom or simply purchased kitchen magazines, you know how seductive a state-of-the-art kitchen really is.  Even the most cost-conscious of us can be tempted to go over budget.  This is where an expert is really helpful in keeping you on track with your own concept of what you want.
  5. You need personalized advice:
    Experienced kitchen designers know which questions to ask to target your needs, wants, wishes and lifestyle.  Who works in the kitchen and how?  Is there a height difference between cooks, are there limitations?  Do you love to entertain, or do you cook strictly for your family?  Kitchen design experts have a knack for revealing details to tailor your new kitchen to your specifications.
  6. You suspect you are overlooking important details:
    A Kitchen design expert will pay close attention to electrical, lighting, plumbing, – areas that are likely beyond the know-how of most customers.  A kitchen design expert can help make choices in cabinet hardware, finishes, stiles, countertops,  etc that will enhance your personal space.

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