Some of the hottest trends in countertops today:

counter tilesEco-friendly or “Green” remains the a big must in our everyday lives, with countertops made with recycled materials very much in the forefront of what’s new out there. There’s also an increasing interest in countertop products with green certifications, such as the certification offered by LEEDS, which tests products for off-gassing of volatile organic compounds in a number of different product categories.
• Granite remains popular but both quartz and solid surface products are appealing for their durability, easy maintenance and anti-bacterial properties. These surfaces are also becoming more and more affordable with variety of colors and pattern choices.
• The diversity of countertop materials continues to increase, with everything from glass and metal to concrete turning up in today’s kitchens.
• Mixing and matching of countertop surfaces remains a hot trend, with different materials being used as a way to maximize function and define different work areas. Combining different materials also helps keep costs down but giving a one-look feel.
• Color trends range from rich and warm to bright and bold.
• One of a kind looks are also popular and are now achievable using concrete and solid surface.

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